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The Buckeye OZ Fund converts rural land in OZ areas to income-producing properties that support sustainable highly-profitable OZ businesses. Get started investing in a stronger and more promising future with us today. View our initial investment projects below to learn more.

Ghost Town Campground / Off-road theme park

Arizona is the number 1 place for camping and outdoor activities in the US. Camp Crag is situated in an abandoned area of the Arizona desert that is now in the path of expansion and population growth. In the not-so- distant future Interstate 11 will be within site of the campground near the GhostTown of Crag, Arizona. This area is used mostly by OHV and 4x4 vehicles for recreational activities such as camping, target practice, and offroad exploring. The 120-acre area near the GhostTown is being designed to service a recreational community of over 2 million people. Crag would join an industry that in 2018 was generating 1.86 billion dollars in revenue just for Arizona offroad businesses. The team behind this project are all enthusiasts to this type of venture and are outstanding members of this off-road community. Starting with a 3-phase plan to scale into a community resource in a literal desert, both in physical nature and need for basic essentials that Camp Crag will provide; water rest and relief are not available currently in this area for MANY miles in this area of heavily used camping and recreation land. The areas formally used by the off-road community have been consumed by the home builders and economic developers around the outskirts of Phoenix. Crag is one of four BOZF designed developments poised to benefit from huge gains for investors while servicing a large population of displaced consumers in the expanding offroad and outdoor recreation industry.

Strong Demographics

Represents a population of 2.5 million campers and offroad enthusiasts in Arizona


Located closer than any other off-roading destination to the Pheonix Metro area 30 miles West

Additional Incentives Available

Suitable site for grant monies and tax incentives to reduce overall development costs


10 year plan to scale and develop businesses on the property to exit upon incorporation as a town or city

Crag Ghost Town Campground / Off-road theme park

Now Open to Accredited and Qualified Investors with eligible capital gains.

Boots and Buckles
Arizona Western Saloon and Nightclub Scene

The story of farms and ranches closing up as development moves in spreads across rural areas is common place and the WHY to the Buckeye OZ portfolio. The creation of recreation areas and storage of those toys is based on the loss of land to development and growth. The Boots and Buckles concept is a pastime of Arizona where the hard workers in the area like to partake in rodeo games and libations. Arizona currently has 5 locations that become overwhelmed most weekends by locals and tourists alike to drink, dance, and watch cowboys showcase those Old West skills. Places like the Roadrunner Stagecoach Bar and Grill, Harold’s Bar and Grill, or the infamous Buffalo Chip have paved the way for these types of venues. Boots and Buckles will be built in the fashion of the infamous Country Western Saloon from Florida boosting a 5,000sf dance floor, Dallas Bull Tampa. The Dutch barn construction lends to the perfect design for this specialty entertainment venue.

Mainstream Demand

Expansion of the country western genre is now main stream and highly sought after in the Old West Capital of the US, Arizona

Capacity To Service Population

Dubbed the Largest Saloon in Arizona, DB West will service a population of over 5 million people.

Municipal Support

City and County support is exhibited by the fast track methods of development procedures within the building and development departments.

Apex 85

Arizona is the number 1 place for camping and outdoor activities in the southwest. Many people live here simply to be this close to nature and all it has to offer. The camping and RV industry has seen a 37% increase over the last 3 years due to Covid-19 and all the limitations it had to offer. During the pandemic however, the Phoenix metropolitan area has seen an increase in population like never before. One of the state’s fastest growing communities is Buckeye. A cotton farming town, Buckeye is about to bolster over 100,000 residents, making it the largest community west of Phoenix before you get to California. With approximately 100,000 new homes expected to be built in this area over the next 5 years, Buckeye will see a population growth of over double what it was just 20 years ago. Most all new communities will be restrictive of boats and RVs. The Apex 85 facility will provide space for over 300+ outdoor toy owners, with ease to retrieve and 24 hour security, people can be assured that their 2nd home will be safe at Upland RV and Boat Storage.


75% of area residence own an RV/Boat/UTV that needs storage due to HOA rules.

Demand Exceeds Capacity

Current storage locations are completely full creating waiting lists or lotteries for stage spaces.

Additional Tax Benefits

Solar power tax benefits for adding covered spaces increases income potentials while lowering expenses for power.

Automate and Grow

RV and Boat Storage has low operating expenses is highly automated.

Brothers SxS Rentals

The demand for outdoor entertainment went over 20% higher than in the years before the pandemic. People sought the freedom of the outdoors in many ways and the RV and Off-road industries lead the way in total revenue captured that was not related to healthcare and Covid. The affiliation with 4 locations to explore opens the opportunity for people who like to get into the outdoors with more options when they get there. Some families have an RV with no off-road vehicles, some have off-road vehicles with no RV. By offering rental of either or both the opportunity to capture more revenue from existing customers is exponential. Rental businesses garner 16% to 32% ROI and some even operate higher if affiliated or a subsidiary of popular venues such as those developed for the Buckeye OZ Fund Portfolio. A tour and vacation business has been established also needing assistance to service those clients seeking first time adventures.

Insights and Reports

Glamis reports 10,000 to 100,000 people and vendors every weekend during the operating season (Oct – April)


Old US Hwy 80 and the Desert Rose Bar and rodeo arena see on average 10,000 vehicles per month average

Corporate Partnerships Available

Polaris has a unique product and program for a franchise” type of partnership not offered in this region of Arizona.

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