Meet the Team

Diversified Management team with 50+ years of combined experience.

Tammy Cline
CEO | Co-Founder

Tammy Cline, CEO of Independent Concepts LLC and Co-Founder of the Buckeye OZ Fund, is a progressive leader with over 2 decades of success in the charter school education business. With 2 successful start-ups charter schools, in roles from chairperson to business administrator, Tammy was a franchise area manager prior to her 20 years in the Private Schooling business. With all the experience and skills acquired in growing and maintaining a successful learning institution it is easy to see how well Tammy will perform in her role as the Administrative Manager of a highly productive and stringently regulated private equity fund

Thomas Dobczyk
Co-Founder | Development Director

Thomas is the Co-Founder of the Buckeye OZ Fund and provides 32 years of experience in land and real estate development to the Independent Concepts team as the Director of Development and Design. With a project list that dates back to 1989, the team behind Thomas and his 4 subsidiary development and construction companies provides investors with craftsmen, professionals, and journeymen as part of the asset development team and system.

Easi Bolderoff
Chief Operations Officer

Esai joined the Buckeye OZ Fund at the beginning of the idea phase in the creation of the firm. A multi-generational entrepreneur from Australia, Esai has spearheaded multiple startups and instituted the operational systems needed to expand and scale each business. From a JV between a family bakery and a local farmer to begin a bread company to growing a high-end private steam room and spa business, Esai creates the path to success. The Director of Field Operations and Community Relations is the position all investors can appreciate in the growth of the assets for higher yields of return.

Nicci Thurman
Chief Compliance Officer

Nicci hails from Florida and has earned her MBA in Accounting / Finance and Business Management from the University of Central Florida. She most recently has managed high end accounts and contract compliance for one of the largest and most competitive telecommunications companies within the United States and abroad. With over 15 years of experience in contracts, subscription agreement compliance and regulation audits, the chance of falling out of compliance is abetted with Nicci and her team. The investors in the Buckeye OZ fund will know, without a doubt, that all developments and businesses will meet all the strictest compliance and regulations set by the IRS, SEC, and FTC to ensure the investors highest yields of investment returns.

Roman Rubio
Community Relations & Economic Development

The experience that Roman adds to the Buckeye OZ Fund is priceless. Roman has been in the community relations business even before he graduated from high school. Focused on development and real estate, Mr. Rubio has dedicated himself to working directly with the political leaders within his community.

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